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Board of Directors

​ The current Board of Directors and staff are:

  • Heather LaPorte Arata, Chair (Earth & State)

  • Don Connolly, Vice Chair (Resident Member)

  • David Sibley, Secretary (On Video)

  • Ally Britton, Treasurer (Kuta)

  • Ed Blanchard (Resident Member)

  • Tim D'Ignazio (IronWorkers Bank)

  • Stu Eli (Three Potato Four)

  • Laura Graham (Resident Member)

  • Brittany Scharr (Resident Member)

  • Michael Straw (Resident Member)

  • Borough Council Liaison: Elizabeth Romaine

  • Executive Director: Dave Fairman (

  • Administrative Assistant: Alexis Stolberg

MBA Bylaws


MBA By Laws (PDF, 29 KB)

MBA Policies and Procedures


MBA New Member Procedure – If you are interested in applying to become a board member, please send an email to  "All potential members must either be taxpayers in, maintain a business in or be citizens of the Borough of Media, County of Delaware, Pennsylvania" pursuant to Media Borough Code Chapter 7

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