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Doing Business in Media

Media has a great story to tell. It is hip yet grounded.  It's progressive yet maintains its history and roots. Rising sales prices of homes in Media is evidence of both a strong local economy and the fact that many people find Media a desirable place to live and work, and has become a destination town.

Media Borough Demographics Summary

The Borough of Media (less than a square mile) is located just outside of Philadelphia and has a relatively stable population of just over 5,668 with an average age of 40.  Many residents are employed within a 24 minute commute with 77% in higher wage category jobs. The median value of housing in Media has risen to over $316,600.  The total sales of retail goods and food and drink in the borough was $166 million in 2017, with retail amounting to 84% and food and drink, 16%.  Over 57% of the population has a bachelor's degree or higher and over 95% are high school graduates.  The mean family income is over $71,500. 


Media News Coverage

Media is highlighted in the press on a consistent basis because of its quality of life and events. Here are some examples of television coverage based on Nielsen Audience data:

  • Memorial Day (2009):  2.7 million viewers equal to a calculated publicity value of $221k

  • Welcome Home Parade (2012): 933k viewers equal to a calculated publicity value of $115k

  • Veterans Day Parade (2012): 2.1 million viewers equal to a calculated publicity value of $146k

  • Santa's Arrival (2011): 567k viewers equal to a calculated publicity value of $46k

Earth & State
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The Borough of Media

Media Borough is the County Seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Located 12 miles (19 km) west of Philadelphia, Media was incorporated in 1850 when the court records were moved from Chester. From that point on, Media has been developed as a planned community with an infrastructure to support growth and commerce for years to come. Its active shopping districts, quiet residential streets, numerous civic and religious institutions, and convenient transportation facilities are all within easy walking distance of each other.

Greater Media Area

The Media Area is a geographical area surrounding and containing the Media Borough in Delaware County. While the town of Media is rather small in comparison to its surrounding area, many residents consider Media their home due to this town-center feeling.  As the largest and most active town within a 5 mile radius, Media draws more than one-quarter million people from its surrounding townships. With weekday activity at the Delaware County Courthouse, Media brings in over 300,000 visitors and employees during normal business hours.


Media’s strength has always come from the diversity and inclusiveness of its populace. Residents proudly call Media “Everybody’s Hometown.” This is much more than a slogan – it describes a very real state of mind. From all walks of life, religion, race, ethnic background, Media is inclusively open for everyone to call home.  Rooted in the Quaker tradition, area residents live by their actions and acknowledge each other with respect and kindness. A smile, a “Hello” on the street, a helping hand, a real community spirit is found in Media every day.

A Walking Community

Convenience brings visitors and residents downtown to shop and eat. Availability of public transportation allows people to take the train to work, catch the trolley for a quick ride, or pick up that last minute ingredient for dinner. Measuring only 0.8 square miles, Media’s proximity to everything makes it the ideal town for families and thriving businesses alike. Walk to several parks, area schools and playgrounds, houses of worship, community centers, and entertainment venues along State Street and you’re there in minutes.


Located between “The Blue Route” (476), Route 252, Route 1, and Baltimore Pike, Media is easily accessible by car. The 101 SEPTA Trolley runs through the middle State Street, Media’s main shopping district, and originates at Philadelphia’s 69th Street Station. SEPTA’s Regional Rail R3 also connects Media with downtown Philadelphia with an average ride time of less than 40 minutes. Bus routes 110 and 118 provide public surface transportation to points around the region including King of Prussia, Newtown Square, Chester, Riddle Memorial Hospital, and the Penn State – De.Co.-Lima Campus.

Notable Achievements

Media, PA is the last suburban town in America with a trolley running down the middle of its main street that originates from a major metropolitan city.

  • 2006 – In June 2006, Media became the first US town to follow some three-hundred towns in Europe in attaining fair trade certification and becoming a Fair Trade Town.  To meet the criteria for certification, Media was required to pass a Council Resolution in support of fair trade, serve fair-trade coffee and tea in local government meetings and offices, ensure that a range of fair-trade products were available in local restaurants and businesses, raise popular support and provide media coverage for the fair-trade campaign, and convene a fair-trade steering committee to ensure continued commitment. 

  • 1981– Media has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation to honor its commitment to its community forest. It is the 25th year Media has received this national recognition. Media has met the four standards to become a Tree City USA: tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program, and an Arbor Day observance.


Media Borough Facts & Figures

Population:Approximately 6,000

Area:.75 square mile

68% residential
30% commercial
2% industrial

Government Representatives

26th Senatorial District

Tim Kearney, (D)

(717) 787-1350

168th Legislative District

Chris Quinn, (R)

5th Congressional District

Mary Gay Scanlon, (D)

(610) 690-7323


Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Borough:1.0 mills

School:19.4695 mills
(7/1/06 thru 6/30/07)

County:4.45 mills

RE Transfer:.5%

Earned Income:1% (Collected by Central Tax Bureau)

Business Privilege:1.5 mills (Collected by Central Tax Bureau)

Mercantile:.75 mill whsl.
.75 mill retail (Collected by Central Tax Bureau)

General Budget:$9,274,090

Police Allocation:$2,534,100

Map of Media Borough
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