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Our Mission

The mission of the Media Business Authority (MBA) is to provide advocacy and support to Media’s businesses and encourage economic growth by cultivating a positive environment for business development. The MBA also helps attract visitors to Media’s State Street District by promoting activities and programs like Dining Under The Stars and other community events throughout the year.

The MBA works to maintain open lines of communication between business owners, commercial property owners, Media citizens, and local government.

Belief Statement

  1. The MBA believes that it should support the economic growth of the entire Media Borough Business Community.

  2. The MBA believes that it should improve and encourage the improvement of the visual impact of the Borough  of Media’s business districts.

  3. The MBA believes that it should promote both the business districts and the Media community with events that enhance  the quality of life of the entire community.

  4. The MBA believes that the maintenance of a communication link between the civic and business communities of Media Borough is essential.

  5. The MBA believes that a healthy business community creates a high image to the general public and encourages people to live, shop, dine and do business in Media Borough.

Principles Used to Carry Out the Beliefs

  1. To support the economic growth, the MBA will…

    1. work to qualify for ongoing grants to upgrade the business district;

    2. encourage the pursuance of the tax revenues that fund the MBA;

    3. seek to expand its programs with increased Authority funding;

    4. explore, through cooperative financial institutions, a variety of programs suitable for business purposes;

    5. assist in the development of parking strategies and controls; and

    6. explore additional funding through donations, contributions and sponsorships from businesses, organizations and non-tax-supporting institutions such as banks.

  2. To Encourage the Visual Impact, the MBA Will…

    1. explore and support programs that encourage a positive image through the rehabilitation of facades, interiors, signage, streetscape and the general infrastructure of the business districts;

    2. encourage all businesses to provide quality and tasteful window displays and presentation of products for sales;

    3. emphasize cleanliness through the acquisition of additional trash receptacles and encourage all business owners to clean and care for their public business areas; and

    4. assist in the development, and encourage the development and enforcement of littering, posting, signage and other related ordinances.

  3. To Promote Events That Enhance Both the Economic Life and the Quality of Life, the MBA Will…

    1. evaluate the effectiveness of existing promotional events;

    2. seek to establish guidelines for ALL State Street and business district events regardless of sponsorship;

    3. pursue additional events by highlighting existing local attractions and adding other cultural, educational or recreational events that would continue to enhance the community image; and

    4. solicit promotional partnerships of events to allow possible increased budget funds for additional new and valuable promotions.

  4. To Facilitate Communications, the MBA Will…

    1. strive to provide members of the business community with updated information about services, ordinances and opportunities that would be generally beneficial to them; and

    2. strive to strengthen and maintain a mutual line of communication with Borough Council.

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